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Natalie is an activist, educator and communicator based in The Algarve, Portugal. Along with teaching surfing and yoga at Soul and Surf, she recently completed a Masters in Sustainability with The Eden Project and Anglia Ruskin University. Her first research paper (in association with Bergen University) looks at the convergence zone of waves and humans and was just published in MDPI: Ocean Literacy and Surfing: Understanding How Interactions in Coastal Ecosystems Inform Blue Space User’s Awareness of the Ocean Natalie is passionate about preserving and protecting ocean ecosystems, previously joining Sea Shepherd and Surfers for Cetaceans on campaigns in Antarctica, Faroe Islands and California, and taking part in hundreds of beach cleans over the last 10 years as a rep for Surfers Against Sewage. In 2019 she sailed from Plymouth to The Azores with eXXpedition, collecting data on microplastics and continues to speak as an ambassador on the extent of their findings. Now, she coordinates Citizens of Sur", a Decade of Ocean Science Activity which aims to equip surfers with the knowledge, understanding, support and tools to become active and engaged citizen scientists. This way surf communities can help contribute toward the Decade and lead the way towards a step change in humanity’s relationship with the ocean.
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