Masterclass: Crafting Stories in Science Communication


Crafting Stories in Science Communication

Science communication is all about taking an audience on tantalising journeys through new and unexplored worlds in science and engineering. As the science communicator, you are the audience’s guide and tasked with ensuring that the journey is engaging and educational, while at the same time not being too confusing.

There are many ways to design such journeys in science communication. Some rely on visual aids, while others lean on strong narratives and personal stories. And then there are stories that utilise the experiences of the audiences. Importantly, the science communicator must become a storyteller.

In this masterclass, Barry Fitzgerald will share some of his experiences in storytelling and science communication. He’ll outline best practice, the pitfalls that should be avoided, and how to be as effective as possible as a science communicator.

Nowadays, the importance of science communication cannot be understated. What’s more, this science communication needs to be effective and practical, and this masterclass will discuss these in more detail.

About Dr. Barry W. Fitzgerald

Dr. Barry W. Fitzgerald, also known as ‘The Superhero Scientist’, is fascinated by science and the superhero genre.

He is a physicist by training, the author of three popular science books (including Secrets of Superhero Science and How to Build an Iron Man Suit), an energetic science communicator, podcaster, and a YouTuber with his channel “The Superhero Scientist” where he shares videos on the science and engineering of superheroes, Star Wars, and other topics.

Barry has spoken all around the world about science and superheroes at schools, universities, science festivals, and companies. For instance, he spoke at TEDxBerlin 2019 about “Being a Responsible Superhero”.

He is also the editor-in-chief of the Open Access journal Superhero Science + Technology, and has published dozens of scientific papers on superheroes.

Barry has seen the 2012 film The Avengers more than 80 times and his superpower will remain a closely guarded secret.

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Barry Fitzgerald
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